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This neighborhood is nestled between Lake Bde Maka Ska and Lake Harriet and is home to so many one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants. The beautiful old homes are also some of our favorites, if you have the time we highly recommend grabbing a cone at Sebastian Joe's and strolling along Linden Hills Blvd. A little bit of history for you, this neighborhood gets its name from the Linden trees that flank its beautiful streets. It's bordered to the north by Lake Bde Maka Ska and West 36th Street, to the east by Lake Harriet and William Berry Parkway, to the south by West 47th Street, and to the west by France Avenue.

Our Favorite Places
Lake Harriet Community School, Anthony Middle, Southwest High School
Martina, Sebastian Joes, Rosalia
Coffee Shops
Coffee Ceres
Beards Plaisade, Linden Hills Park
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