June 17, 2022

Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

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Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

Cozy Up Your Home For Fall

Fall has finally arrived and it’s time to get your home ready for cozy season. At our house that means layers, lots and lots of layers and candles, oh so many candles! Because for me this season is more about the mood than the decor. To set the mood these are the key pieces I will be adding to our home.

  1. Throw blankets, the softer and fuzzier the better. I like to put them at the end of the couch or over the arm of a chair so they are readily accessible.
  2. Candles, bonus points for earthy and grounding fall scents. My current obsession is the Teakwood and Tobacco candle by P.F. Candle Co. You can find them at Carousel + Folk, one of my favorite local shops for curated vintage goods and plants.
  3. I’m really loving faux pampas grass this year and plan to add a few vases around my house. I’ve already added a vase to my bathroom and am loving the cozy boho vibe it’s created.
  4. In the bedroom I love to add in a few extra fuzzy blankets and a few extra pillows. This year I’m thinking about adding in a few additional rust tones as well.
  5. And finally I will be adding in as many Twinkle lights as I can. Because why not, I love that glow almost as much as I love candles.

From all of us at Matt Engen Group thanks for reading.

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