April 12, 2023

Our Favorite Outdoor Patios in the Twin Cities

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Our Favorite Outdoor Patios in the Twin Cities

Our Favorite Outdoor Patios in the Twin Cities

Patio season is one of our favorite seasons in Minnesota and there's still plenty of time left to enjoy it. Patios combine our love of cocktails, sunshine and pretty places all in one. Without a doubt if they have a patio, I want to be on it. Here are a few of our favorites.

WA Frost: This is hands down one of the prettiest patios in the city. First of all the historic old building where WA Frost is actually housed serves as the backdrop which instantly adds to the charm. Combine that with flowering trees, so many plants, a few umbrellas and some string lights and it's pure magic. Pro tip: Go when the apple trees are blooming. It's takes the whole experience to another level.

Wise Acre: OK, I may have spoke too soon, this is the prettiest patio in the city. The owners also own Tangletown Gardens across the street which should give you a little insights as to why this patio's landscaping is so next level. Huge pots filled with the prettiest flowers, each one beautifully and uniquely arranged. You'll want to bring your camera and take notes for your own pots.  

Hola Arepa: Colorful and filled with plants, a tropical, laid back vibe that I just adore.

Rosalia: Same vibe as the inside and nestled in between two buildings away from the city street this one just feels right.

Monte Carlo: This place is a classic. Tucked between two buildings in the North Loop the Monte Carlo has stood the test of time. I like the large size of this patio, the pavers, the umbrellas, the trees and the lights.

Psycho Suzi's: The over the top tiki decor is not for everyone but we think it's fun. This place also offers the prettiest views of the river. Just go for drinks only, I'm not a huge fan of their menu unless you get the Chicken Sliders.

Italian Eatery: I just adore this place inside and out. I'm not sure how one would describe this vibe other than cozy and comfortable. I love the wood tables, the flowers and the pergola with the vines and it's perfectly lit up. Also the food and the drink are top notch. Matt and I find ourselves here often.

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