June 17, 2022

Where We Love to Eat in Minneapolis

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Where We Love to Eat in Minneapolis

Where We Love to Eat in Minneapolis

We consider ourselves lucky to live in a city with such an amazing food scene. Minneapolis is seriously full of small local restaurants, feeding our souls and adding charm to our neighborhoods. But with so many great options how do you decide? Well we're here to help. This is where we love to eat in Minneapolis.

ie - Italian Eatery

This place is warm and inviting and the food always makes us happy. Matt and I have been here more times than we can count and have tried everything on the menu more the once and that's saying something because the menu changes. Last night we had the Chicken Cacciatora, Brussel Sprouts and the Mushroom Cappelletti but the Goat Milk Ricotta and the Shaved Root Salad really should not be missed.

Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub

The vibe here is laid back and the patio is hands down one of the prettiest in the city. The Cuban Rueben is my favorite thing on the menu but my kids prefer the chicken sandwich, either way you can't go wrong. Wash it down with a Big Jim or if beers not your thing grab a craft cocktail or a glass of wine. I love the fact that they offer something for everyone, it's not just for beer lovers.


Come for the food stay for the drinks or is that the other way around at this place? I'm not really sure but Matt and I find ourselves at this spot quite frequently. We love the lively atmosphere, the green wall behind the bar, watching and talking to the bartenders and did we mention the food. They classify themselves as modernized Mexican and we can't get enough of the Corn Elote and the Kansas City Ribs.

George and the Dragon

The owners and the staff of this place make it everyone's favorite neighborhood spot. You're always greeted by a friendly face and you'll most likely run into someone you know. My youngest and I never miss an opportunity to order the Asian Hangover; 5 spice pork, jasmine rice, garlic snap peas and a fried egg. Yum!


Another cozy and warm Italian restaurant. Matt and I love to grab a spot at the bar but reservations are highly recommended as this place tends to fill up quickly. The porchetta bowl is one of my favorite things on the menu, Matt tends to lean towards the pasta. Either way, pair it with a lovely bottle of Italian wine, their selection is top notch.

Pizzeria Lola

The Korean BBQ, roasted vegetables and a bottle of wine is our standard order at the bar. We like to sit right next to the wood fire grill. It's the coziest spot to be when it's cold outside. 

From all of us at Matt Engen Group thanks for reading.

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